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Up on the Rooftop

Things To Consider When Choosing A Shingle Roofing System For Your Home

Lori Silva

If you are in the market for roof shingles for your new home construction or residential roof replacement, asphalt shingles are not your only option. Other types of roof shingles, including wood, metal, slate, rubber, and solar shingles, are available. Each has unique properties, advantages, and disadvantages that can affect its suitability for your roofing project. Make these crucial considerations to find a shingle roofing product that matches your specific roofing needs and requirements.

Your Local Climate

The U.S. is a large country with a diverse climate. When picking a shingle roofing system for your home, consider the climate of the specific area that you live in.

For example, cedar shingles may not be the best choice for wet and humid climate zones. Although naturally resistant to insects and decay, these shingles can absorb moisture and become susceptible to rot and mold growth over time. Also, they are flammable and may not be recommended for use in regions prone to wildfires. 

Before choosing a particular type of roof shingles for your home, consult a local roofing specialist to determine if they are a suitable choice for your specific location and climate. You want to choose a shingle roofing system that provides reliable protection against the elements while meeting the functional requirements of the home.

Your Aesthetic Preferences

The roof shingles that you choose will affect the overall aesthetic of your home and neighborhood. That said, you want to pick roof shingles that will enhance your residential architecture and the overall look and feel of the neighborhood rather than detract from them. 

For instance, slate shingles are ideal for European or Colonial-style homes, adding a touch of sophistication, elegance, and durability to the general aesthetic. Remember, a beautiful, well-designed roof will help to boost the attractiveness of your home, increasing its resale value.

Your Budget

The prices of the different types of roof shingles can vary greatly depending on their quality, durability, and aesthetic value. While higher prices tend to be associated with better quality and value, you want to choose a product that fits your budget. Get quotes from multiple roofing suppliers to ensure you are getting your money's worth. 

When selecting shingle roofing systems, no single shingle type is best for everyone. Consider your local climate, aesthetic requirements, budget, and other relevant factors to choose the best shingle roof for your home. A roofing contractor can help you determine which type of roofing shingles are right for your needs. For more information on a shingle roof system, contact a professional near you.