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Experienced An Intense Hailstorm? 3 Things To Ask Your Contractor When You Notice Roof Damage

Lori Silva

If you have experienced a hailstorm in your area, you should contact your roofing contractor for an inspection. Remember that hailstorms can vary in size, and depending on the one you experience, you could be dealing with extensive roof damage. When you fail to check for damage after such inclement weather, your roof may have underlying damage that may end up lowering your roof's lifespan. So, when speaking to your roofer after such a weather event, here are three crucial things you should ask.

What's the Extent of Hailstorm Damage to the Roof? 

After a hailstorm, there are damages you may notice through visual inspection. However, the only way to know the extent of your roof damage is when you call a professional roofer for an inspection. Understand that hail can affect your roofing materials in different ways. For instance, an intense hailstorm, particularly those characterized by harsh winds, can rip off roofing shingles or cause them to become loose. Hail can also cause loss of granules and leave unsightly dents on the roofing material. It can also damage the roof fascia and the gutter around your home.

Can I Receive Compensation for The Hail Roof Damage?

If you have taken out a homeowner's insurance policy, it should offer coverage for damages to your home, including the roof, as long as the damage isn't a result of your negligence. Immediately after the storm subsides, contact a licensed roofer to help you with the claim process. Remember that there's a specific duration when you can file a claim for your damage, so waiting too long means you'll be forced to pay for the damages out of pocket.

Do I Need to Re-Roof or Perform Repairs?

The decision on whether to re-roof or perform repairs is based on the nature of the damage. There are certain instances when roof repairs are mandatory, like when there's widespread roof damage. If you have an aging roof and your roofer determines that the hail damage may require frequent repairs, they may recommend that you change your roof. Roof replacement may also be necessary if your roofing materials have experienced excessive granule loss. Repairs are usually necessary when you have minor damage, like a few spots with loose or missing shingles and damage to the roof flashing or gutter.

While you may take all the necessary measures to ensure that your roof withstands the elements, it's still susceptible to damage from inclement weather, particularly hailstorms. So, after a hailstorm, reach out to a knowledgeable roofer to inspect your roof and advise on whether you should install a new one or repair it.

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