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Up on the Rooftop

What To Know About Re-Roofing With Metal Panels

Lori Silva

One of the most common misconceptions about re-roofing is that you can only add a layer of asphalt shingles over your asphalt shingle roof. The truth, however, is that you can also install metal roofing over shingles.

Re-roofing is cheaper than roof replacement. Choose metal roofing, and you can look forward to advantages such as improved curb appeal and a longer lifespan since metal roofs are highly durable. Of course, you can only expect to enjoy these benefits if you do the re-roofing right. 

Here are some insights to have in mind when planning for and doing re-roofing with metal panels.

1. Single Layer of Shingles

Re-roofing with metal roofing or even another layer of shingles isn't an option if you have re-roofed before. It is against building code, and your roof may not be able to handle the extra weight. In this case, consider replacing your existing roof with a new metal one.

2. Only Over Roofing in Good Condition

A thorough roof inspection will reveal the condition of your existing roofing, and the findings will inform whether or not you can go ahead with re-roofing. Undamaged shingles that aren't curling will provide the perfect surface to install your new metal roofing on top of.

Also, check the roof deck and carry out any necessary repairs before re-roofing. The inspection should also reveal whether or not the added weight of the metal roofing will jeopardize your roof's structural integrity. The good news is that metal roofing is lightweight.

3. Prepare for the Re-Roofing

A crucial step in re-roofing with metal panels is first installing spacers. Wooden strips have, for the longest time, been the common choice, but there are more options on the market today from which you can choose. 

Unlike the wooden strips, which are susceptible to warping and rotting, you don't have to worry about these eventualities with other spacer options. Your roofer can recommend and install the best option.

Installing spacers is essential, as it helps to account for the thermal expansion cycles that your metal panels will go through once they are installed. Without the spacers, the metal roofing will move against the abrasive asphalt shingles as it expands and contracts. 

As this happens, the primer on the back of your metal roofing may scratch off, exposing the panel's substrate. With this exposure comes an increased risk of rust, which will negatively impact the integrity and longevity of your metal roofing.

Long-Term Value

In conclusion, you can use metal panels to re-roof over asphalt shingles. You can confidently expect better value in the long term, but only if you do it right, as outlined above. Contact a company like 503  Roofing and Construction, LLC to learn more about your options.