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What To Expect When You Get A Residential Roof Tear-Off

Lori Silva

Tearing off the old asphalt shingles is the first step to getting a new roof. With the old shingles off the roof, the roofer can inspect the deck easily and start building up the new roofing. Here's when a residential roof tear-off is necessary and a quick look at what to expect during the process.

When A Residential Roof Tear Off Is Done

Roofers sometimes put new shingles over old ones. However, two layers are all that's usually allowed by code. If your roof already has two roofing layers, they both have to be torn off before your new shingles are put on.

If your roof has water damage, the roofer will probably tear off all of the old shingles even if you have just one layer. This reduces the risk of covering up water-damaged roofing and having your new roof fail before it's time.

How To Prepare For The Tear Off

The roofer might do a moisture check on your roof if they're not sure if the old roofing has to come off. The moisture check will verify if tearing off the old shingles is necessary. The roofer also has to bring in a dumpster or dump trailer to hold all the debris from the tear-off. The dumpster needs to be parked near your home so it's easy to toss shingles into it.

The roofer brings all the tools needed to lift and tear off shingles. Plus, the new roofing materials need to be delivered and waiting to go right on the roof so the bare deck doesn't get caught in the rain.

How A Residential Roof Tear-Off Is Done

The roofer usually starts at the top corner of the roof and works their way down to the bottom when removing shingles. The roofing shovel they use slides under the shingles and lifts them up so the nails and staples are removed.

There is usually a small crew working so one person can tear the shingles off while another one stacks them and carries the shingles to the edge of the roof so they can be tossed in the dumpster. Removing the shingles goes pretty fast, and it usually doesn't make a mess in your yard.

The roofer might put down a tarp that catches debris and nails, and they'll probably sweep for nails with a magnet when they're done to make sure your yard is clean. In addition to tearing off the old shingles, the roofer tears off the underlayment. They might also tear off old flashing if you're getting new flashing too.

Depending on the size of your home and the weather, the roofer might work on sections of your roof at a time so an unexpected rain shower doesn't pop up and get the deck wet. If they do this, they'll at least cover the deck with underlayment, but they might also put on shingles before moving to the other side of the roof to complete the tear-off.

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