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The next time you walk outside, take a moment to gaze up at your roof. What do you see? Do you see even shingles that are all laying flat? Or do you see shingles that are starting to curl and that are covered in moss? You can tell a lot about the condition of your roof just by looking at it. If you are at all concerned about the state of your roof, then your first call should be to a roofing contractor. They can evaluate the situation and recommend repairs or replacement as needed. Learn more about roofing and roofing contractors here on this website.


Up on the Rooftop

Maintenance Advice For A Tip-Top Commercial Roof

Lori Silva

As a business owner, it is your job to ensure your business is properly protected from the elements. This includes making sure that your roof is in good condition year-round. While the roof itself is responsible for protecting the property from various environmental elements, it also holds various utilities that keep your business running. If you do not contact a commercial roofing company to perform routine annual inspections and maintenance, you may find yourself paying for repairs more frequently and more overhead expenses. To ensure your commercial roof is properly cared for, here are three tips.

Stay on Top of the Roof's Drainage System

The majority of commercial roofs are flat or have a minimal slope, but they still have a gutter system. When inspections are performed, the gutters are often cleaned out as well. This helps to keep clogs from forming in the future that tends to keep runoff from properly draining. A contractor will also ensure that loose connections are properly secured and seal up any cracks that have occurred around the roof drains in an effort to prevent leaks from occurring down the road.

Minimize Access to the Roof

The roof is going to suffer more wear and tear if there are a lot of individuals that walk on it. Therefore, it is important that you minimize the number of individuals that walk on the roof. Ultimately, the only individuals that should have access to the roof are roofing contractors, building maintenance staff, and public utility personnel. To ensure that unauthorized employees do not try to gain access to the roof, you may want to consider having keyless locks as well as access control systems installed on the elevators and doors. You can take it a step further and have security cameras installed as well.

Keep Nearby Trees Trimmed

It is imperative that you never allow tree limbs to hang over your roof. By keeping your tree branches trimmed, you will reduce the risk of overhanging limbs snapping and falling onto the roof when bad weather rolls through town and potentially puncturing the membrane, leading to leaks, corrosion, mold, and more. In addition, it can help to eliminate the paths that various types of animals like raccoons and squirrels take to gain access to your building where they then create nests in your gutters, causing clogs.

For more information about how to maintain your commercial roof or to schedule repairs, contact a commercial roofing contractor in your area.