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Up on the Rooftop

3 Benefits Of Having A Fireplace Installed In Your Family Room

Lori Silva

If your home isn't already equipped with a fireplace, consider having one installed in the family room. Here are a few benefits you can look forward to taking advantage of after doing so:

Encourage More Quality Time Together

Having a fireplace installed in your home's family room will encourage everyone in the household to spend more quality time together. Instead of sitting in front of the television or spending time in different rooms, everyone will be more inclined to play a game together in front of the fire. You can create a variety of fun family-friendly traditions in front of the fire such as:

  • Playing Games on Friday Nights

  • Camping Together on Weekends

  • Story Telling on Thunderous Afternoons

  • Taking Turns Performing During the Evening after Dinner

  • Picnicking During Cold Afternoons

Make a list of fun activities and experiences that can be done in front of the fire, and try each one out to determine which your family likes the best. Your fireplace will likely get lots of good use throughout the year thanks to your family nights.

Save Some Money on Energy Bills

Having the opportunity to save some money on your monthly energy bills is another benefit of having a fireplace installed in your family room. Instead of having to turn the heater up and use a bunch of lights to illuminate the family room, you can simply start a fire and enjoy warmth and light without worrying about the power bill.

Your fireplace should help to heat up the entire house, which means you won't have to rely on the heater so much even when you're in the kitchen, a bathroom, or a bedroom. Even if you do have to use your heater still, you likely won't use it as often or feel the need to turn it up as high as you might now.

Enhance the Romance From Time to Time

A fireplace will make a great addition to any romantic night you may plan with your loved one as time goes on. When the kids go to bed or are off spending the night with friends, you can light the fireplace in the family room and settle down with some cheese, crackers, and wine on a soft blanket.

Spend an evening in front of the fireplace trading massages or secrets. Cuddle and read a book together. Or just take a nice nap while snuggling. Each romantic encounter in front of the fireplace is sure to bring you closer together as a couple and a team.

If you are interested in or need fireplace installation, contact a professional fireplace installer near you.